Jeg har fået tilsendt nedenstående salgannonce.

Mange Fiat-hilsner


I’m selling my little SIMCA 5 Berlinette Le Mans. It is a unique prototype that could have existed in 1939 with the exploits of Amédée Gordini and the talents of Dante Giacosa. I made up a story about the SIMCA Gordini victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. I designed it on the basis of a SIMCA 5. Its style is underlined by its lines of unbroken lateral lower panel and waistline of the body shell that originate at the foot of its grille. It is longer and lower than a Topolino to accommodate behind the front axle the small 4-cylinder 750cm3 FIAT 600D 34hp capable of 70hp in Abarth version. It will interest a fan of FIAT Topolino or SIMCA 5, concepts, street road… Could you share this information with your “Fiat 500 Klub Danmark” members? For more information, write to : alassalle@numericable.fr Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flFVi0GhVVI Merry Christmas and happy New Year Sincerely Alain LASSALLE